A Sea of Love

How good would it be to feel like you actually are in a sea of love? Not the infatuation kind of sea of love, an actual sea of love, where families stick together, lovers hardly ever fight, and when they do it’s silly and usually ends in more love. In the sea of love we lso love all that surrounds us, the birds, and the trees, and we don’t really need to fight, because in the sea of love there’s room for everyone, for everything, for all colors, religions and political beliefs, in the sea of love there’s an understanding that love equals respect and acceptance.

Our world is too fast paced, we don’t allow ourselves to love anymore, many have even forgotten to love themselves, which to me is a shame. Who will be able to give you as much love, support and attention as yourself? Really, the lack of self-love and respect has reached crazy heights. We now have anti-depressants, all sorts of drugs, virtual sex, sugar and fat (lots of sugar) and alcoohol; all of those are now replacement for self-love, because people forget that in order to find love in someone else you must first accept and love yourself.

Isn’t that basic? Why does anyone need affirmation from others? I don’t know and it scares me to think that someday even i may fall on that trap. I’ve been pretty good for most of my life, but what do i know, i’ve only been around for twenty five years or so, so it is as they say: never say never… right?

Enough with negativities, lets go back to the sea of love, after all, love attracts love. What i want to say here is very basic: love as much as you can, love everything around you, even the bad things that come your way, because those are the things that are teaching you and making you grow stronger, i am proof of that theory, it is NOT bullshit or words out of a self-help book – they could be but i wouldn’t know because i never read any – it’s the most intelligent thing anyone can do; love, love, love!

So instead of going all mushy and thinking: “oh, he probably got lucky on a date or something and got carried away”; think twice: i have always believed in it, and never been shy to voice it out, through songs, my writings or silly movies i watch over and over; love is in fact the sweetest thing, love is king, love is all we need; so come with me, into the sea, the sea of love, because i wanna tell you how much i love you too !

PS.: Thanks Cat Power for the inspiration through one of the most gorgeous songs ever recorded.

Author: Gabriel Ruas Santos Rocha

writes for passion, eats for pleasure, travels for wonder.

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